PCB Manufacturing Services

As one of leading printed circuit board manufacturers based in India, SVR Technologies has been offering world market with quick turn high-quality PCB Manufacturing services at a reasonable price for 9 years. To provide customers with more professional and advanced circuits boards, we’re committed to adhering to the strictest standards during our PCB manufacturing process, we’ re fully compliant with the quality management system.

Since the company established, we have co-operated with many companies at home and abroad with the idea of the quality first and client is god which have achieved high popularity.

We’re capable to provide an instant quotation for your custom PCB needs. Additionally, we offer PCB making inspirations, PCB layout tips from top PCB design companies. We’re proud of our successful track record to date and that our customers are satisfied with our fine product quality, on-time delivery, fair pricing and superior service.

SVR Technologies.  offers Printed Circuit Board manufacturing, providing consistent high quality and affordable price of Printed Circuit Boards. Whether it is a single board for a prototype or large volume production runs, SVR Technologies can come to meet your PCB Manufacturing needs in a variety of materials and technologies. We focus on Double and multi-layer printed circuit boards in varying complexities.

PCB Manufacturing is one of the company’s main activities. We are able to undertake a high-quality Printed Circuit Board manufacturing on competitive prices and flexible conditions. We are a complete “one-stop” resource for printed circuit board manufacturer of Double sided and multi-layer Boards.

Lead Time (in Days)

Delivery Mode 2L 4L 6L 8L
NORMAL 4 6 6 7
EXPRESS 2 3 4 6

* Lead time is all about based on the designs.


Black Colored PCB


Blue Colored PCB


Red Colored PCB