SVR Technologies PCB manufacture house, has developed a series of management procedures and approaches to assure the product delivery meets the customers’ requirements through the whole product realization from the selection of the suppliers, inspection, and outgoing inspection to the customer service.

Contract Review

Before accepting an order, SVR Technologies shall review and verify customer’s requirements to make sure that SVR Technologies has the capability to satisfy customers’ requirements including specification, delivery and other demands.

Preparation, Review And Control Of Manufacturing Instruction

SVR Technologies will evaluate all the requirements after receiving the customers’ design data and related document. Then, transform the design datum into manufacturing datum by CAM. Finally, a MI which incorporates the manufacturing datum will be formulated according to SVR Technologies real manufacturing process and technologies. MI must be reviewed after preparation by independent engineers. Before the MI is issued, it must be reviewed by QA engineers and get approved. Drilling and routing datum must be confirmed by first article inspection before issued. In a word, SVR Technologies makes ways to guarantee that the manufacturing documentation is right and valid.

Incoming Control IQC

In SVR Technologies, all materials must be verified and approved before going to the warehouse. SVR Technologies establishes strict verifying procedures and working instructions to control the incoming. Furthermore, SVR Technologies owns various precise inspection instruments and equipment to guarantee the capability to rightly judge whether the verified material is good or not. We applies a computer system to manage materials, which guarantees that materials are used by first-in-first-out.

Final Control And Inspection

In SVR Technologies, all PCBs must go through the open and short test as well as visual inspection after passed the relative physical tests.

Outgoing Audit And Approval

SVR Technologies sets up a special function, FQA to inspect the products according to the customer’s spec and requirements by sampling. Products must be approved before packing. Before delivered, FQA must 100% audit every shipment for the PCB boards, customer’s part number, quantity, destination address and packing list etc.

Customer Service

SVR Technologies sets up a professional customer service team to proactively communicate with customers and timely deal with the customers’ feedback. If necessary, they will cooperate with the customers to solve the relative problems on the customers’ site. SVR Technologies is highly concerned about customers’ needs and periodically surveys customers to learn about their requirements. Then SVR Technologies will timely adjust the customer service and make the products meet customers’ needs.

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